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Congratulations to Mrs. Frederiksen

We’re very proud and excited to announce that Kristi Frederiksen has been nominated as the 2019 - 2020 Teacher of the Year for Horseshoe Trails Elementary School in the Cave Creek Unified School District. Mrs. Frederiksen, an exemplar first grade teacher for the past 22 years, has played an instrumental role in our school’s academic success. She’s one of our leaders on the Chinese Immersion team; serving as a genuine champion for dual language learners and as a mentor to our Chinese educators. Undoubtedly, Kristi is one of our premier teacher-leaders playing a pivotal role in building social capital on campus. Her many different roles include grade-level Team Leader, PBIS Team Leader, Tech Cadre member, and advisor for Coding Club. Most importantly, it’s Mrs. Frederiksen’s intangibles that make her truly special, which include a willingness to learn, an infectious attitude that permeates positivity, and a tireless work ethic that’s driven by her passion for student growth. Simply put, HTES is beyond blessed that Mrs. Frederiksen has chosen our school as her home. Thank you Kristi!