CCUSD Instructional Technology Cadre

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What Can Your Cadre Do For You?

  • In CCUSD our teachers receive "Just In Time" support on their campuses.  The Technology Cadre members are instructional leaders on your campus who are available to coach, mentor and push in to model instructional use of technology in strategic ways. Unique to CCUSD, our Tech Cadre are classroom teacher leaders who know how to support effective teaching and learning in the classrooms!  

Cactus Shadows High School

  • Janet Anderson
    Danica Gianni
    Cristina Steensen-Bech

Black Mountain Elementary School

  • Kristin Cardin
    Madison Jones

Desert Willow Elementary School

  • Michelle Milona
    Eric Niebch
    Irene Gomez-Camarasa

Lone Mountain Elementary School

  • Lindsey Mineweaser
    Kendall Regan

Sonoran Trails Middle School

  • Shannon Griffith
    Shelley Kniffen
    Jen Rinkes
    Alison Yadon

Desert Sun Academy

  • Megan Linch
    Danielle Dion

Horseshoe Trails Elementary School

  • Alisa Gould
    Kristi Frederiksen
    Linda Wilson