• Room number: 1003
    Classes: Algebra 3/4 and PreCalculus


    Here is what to expect in the next few days. 

    • Tuesday by end of day you should receive a google classroom invite from me. Other teachers will communicate with you how their class will be set up.
    • Thursday (First day back) 

    -My assignments will be posted daily on google classroom, these assignments may be pdfs or from your book. If they are pdfs you do not have to print them out. 

    -Each assignment will have a youtube video of me explaining example problems. I’m aiming for these videos to be no more than 25 minutes but probably not less than 10 minutes. 

    -There will be some form of quizzes in google classroom. It is recommended to use your notes. This is a hard time for everyone and we are all adjusting to online learning so you might as well use everything you can to help yourself. 

    -For both Algebra and PreCalc I have decided to spend a few days reviewing and then do a quiz probably tuesday of next week


    Zeeb’s Distance Learning Syllabus 


    -Daily (Monday - Friday) 

    -Turned in by attaching a picture of your work and answers. (No credit will be given if no work shown) 

    -If an assignment is posted on Thursday then it is due Friday

    - The 48 hour late policy is still valid - 


    -At the end of each main section or chapter there will be a quiz. This will still be placed in the Test/Quiz category and is worth 64% of your grade. Each online quiz will be worth less overall points then previous tests since they are open note and I can’t grade based on attempt/work. 






    -Attendance will be taken by 2 pm using assignments turned in for that day. If an assignment is turned in late you will still receive an absence but it will be excused. 

    -I will not correct any attendance issues if the daily assignment is not turned in by 2 pm. 




    -Your grade at the end of the semester will post as the highest letter grade either at the 3rd quarter grade or at the 4th (end of year grade)

    - This does NOT mean you shouldn’t be working on this material. 

    - Next year classes will still assume that you have learned the material and you don’t want to have a mushy brain from having a 4 month summer. Also, I know you aren’t doing anything anyway. 


    Office Hours:

    -Monday - Thursday on Zoom from 2pm- 3pm (unless otherwise stated)

     ** Note anything above may change at teacher discretion due to constant changes at this time***

Algebra Assignments

The following schedule may change as distance learning progresses.

PreCalc Assignments:

Class Schedule

  • Period 1: Algebra 3/4
    Period 2: PreCalculus
    Period 3: PreCalculus
    Period 4:Algebra 3/4
    Period 5: Algebra 3/4
    Period 6: Prep

    Office Hours:
    Monday- Thursday @ lunch 
    Tuesday- Thursday after school (2:05p-3:00p)
    Additional times upon request