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    Greetings Student and Parents,

    As I’m sure you are aware, CCUSD will be transitioning to online learning for the foreseeable future. As such I am reaching out to you and your student to provide important information on how to access this material and how to know what will be assigned as well as when it will be due. I’ve included two links at the bottom of this email that contain my online classroom expectations as well as a “living document” calendar that will allow you to see the weekly course work. 

    Online course work will begin Thursday, April 02

    Online Resources: All course work will be available via my Google Classroom. Luckily, all my students have used this already this year and are fairly proficient with its interface. There are no steps required for students to access or enroll in my Google Classroom.  If students plan to use a tablet or phone to complete assignments then they will need to download the Google Classroom app as well as the Google Docs and Google Drive apps.

    Weekly Assignments: The course work for Theatre will be made available each week on and will be due by 11:59 PM on the seventh day. This provides students with seven days to complete the weekly work. While the weekly calendar will have a suggested due date, to keep students on track; the assignments will not be officially due until 11:59 PM on the seventh day. The following day students will have access to the next weekly assignments. (See weekly calendars below for clarification and due dates.)

    Weekly Calendars: Below are links to the weekly calendar of assignments for each section.

    Theatre 1/2

    Theatre 3/4

    Theatre 5/6H

    Attendance: In compliance with state guidelines I will need to mark attendance each school day (M-F). Therefore, in addition to the weekly assignments, students will have a Daily Question that they will have to answer by 2:00 PM. The Daily Question will double as an attendance marker that I will use to mark students present or absent, and will only be accessible from 7:00AM until 2:00PM on scheduled school days.

    Communication: Should you or your student need additional help/information please feel free to check (and bookmark for future access) the links below. Additionally, I will be available via e-mail at ACupo@ccusd93.net or students can schedule “Office Hours” for individual needs or more in-depth questions.

    Important Links:

    Online Expectations:


    Theatre 1/2 Weekly Calendar

    Theatre 3/4 Weekly Calendar

    Theatre 5/6H Weekly Calendar



Assignments/Daily Work

  • In addition to the daily participation points assigned each week, students are assessed on ability to demonstrate their understanding in the following areas.

    Performance Exam

    Basic Theatre Skills - August/September
    Improvisational Theatre - October
    Reader's Theatre - October
    Pantomime - November
    Scene Work - December
    Development of Theatre - January/February
    The Audition Process - March
    Theatrical Performance - April/May

Class Schedule

  • Period One
    Theatre 1/2

    Period Two

    Period Three
    Theatre 1/2

    Period Four
    Theatre 5/6, IB Theatre

    Period Five
    Theatre 3/4

    Period Six
    Theatre 1/2


    Office Hours
    Wednesdays at Lunch or by Appointment