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School District Employee Report

The School District Employee Report (SDER)

The School District Employee Report (SDER) is a report of school district employees and FTE (Full Time Equivalency). The purpose of the SDER report is to comply with ARS 15-941. This report is used to calculate the district's Teacher Experience Index (TEI) which may increase the fiscal year's budget limit and add equalization assistance. To date, the district has not qualified for equalization or increase in budget limit.

The school district submits the report of all employees hired by October 1st of each year. Therefore, in some instances the FTE has changed by the time the State posts the figures to their web page. (Generally we certify the information as accurate in February and they post in mid to late Spring of each school year.) Only salaries of teachers (as defined in the statute) and the superintendent salaries are included in the report.

The district receives specific instruction from the State for definitions and what is included in the report (available on the ADE webpage). Please note that the FTE of employees reported includes "other funds". In years prior to 2003, Community Education employees were not included but have since been included in the report per State instructions. Since the district's M & O funding is not all that is reported and the definitions of included employees can change from year to year, comparisons are difficult and may not present an accurate comparison.

To access the report, please use this link:  SDER Report