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Weekly Homework

  • Language Arts Homework

    1. Picture Homework – Your child should bring three pictures that begin with the sound of the week. Your child can draw them, cut them from magazines or print them from clip art on the computer. This assignment is due on Wednesday but can be sent in early. Wednesday is the day we complete the letter page in our Alphabet Book and Poetry Journal.

    2. Writing Sheet – Your child should complete the handwriting sheet each week. The front side is upper case and the back is lower case. You must supervise your child’s writing to make sure he/she starts their letters at the top. This must be done in pencil so your child can make corrections if needed. If done incorrectly, it is harder to break the habit and he/she will not pass the test on Friday (Letter Checkup). The Letter Check-up is a four-square assessment on which the child forms the upper case letter of the week, the lower case letter, gives the sound of the letter and gives three words that begin with that letter.

    Math Homework-
    Math packets go home on Friday and are attached to the newsletter. Your child has until the following Friday to complete the packet. It should be done in pencil. This goes along with the big Go Math book we work in every day. This homework reinforces what we do at school.

Textbook Links

  • GoMath textbook   Treasures textbook