• Dear Parents and Students,

    CCUSD schools remain closed. There are supplemental education resources for all students, however, teachers are not in the schools and will not be available through March 27th. We are working with the Arizona Department of Education to understand more about school closures and our next steps. In the meantime, you may want to visit the two web pages linked below, one for COVID 19 updates, and one for at-home supplemental education resources. We will continue to provide updates as often as possible. We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time.

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    Welcome to our Second grade classroom!    (Room 306)

     I am Mrs. Carpenter. I have taught elementary school for over 30 years. I have a Master's in Elementary Education. I am also a K-12 certified school guidance counselor. I believe that every child can learn, and that learning is a lifelong skill that should be nurtured and enjoyed. I am happy to have your child in my classroom! We will be busy every day as we are "Learning for Life, Loving to Learn".

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Weekly Homework

  •                               Homework this Week

    Every Monday, your child will bring home a homework packet. Please check the cover page for specific homework activities for the week. Homework packets will be due every Friday. In addition, your child should be reading to you orally each night. Oral reading develops fluency. Please do not "time" the minutes your child reads. I want him/her to enjoy reading for pleasure, and develop a lifelong love of reading. Nightly Reading Charts will be included in the packet. These are due the following Monday, so we can record our reading on the weekend, as well. *Any daily work that is not completed in class will be stamped as "Homework" and will be sent home individually, as needed. Incomplete daily work is due the following day.*

    Our Spelling tests will be taken every Friday.

Class Schedule

  •              Class Schedule

    9:00 Bell rings and morning activity
    9:00-11:20 Reading and Language Arts 
    11:20-12:00 Recess and lunch
    12:15-1:15 Math
    1:15-1:45 Science/Social Studies
    1:45-2:00 Recess 
    2:10-2:50 Specials
    Day 1 - Art
    Day 2 - Computer
    Day 3 - P.E.
    Day 4 - Music
    2:50 -3:20 DEAR/Current Events
    3:20-3:25 Closing
    3:30 Dismissal

Learning Platforms

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