•  Saddle up for a Great Year

    Welcome to Sophomore English, Honors. With Dr. Savidge, you will blaze new trails through writing and literature as we focus on
    content-based curriculum in a creative environment that will lead to LEARNING!


  • The first day of class is August 5, 2020.  We will be meeting via Zoom.  Please plan to join the Zoom meeting at the start of the period.  Plan on being present for the duration of the period.  Here are the details you will need in order to connect to the Zoom meeting.

    Meeting ID: 661 027 8600
    Passcode: qk72rQ

    Please see the attached bell schedule for the class start times.  
    Bell Schedule

Class Schedule

  • Period 1 - Sophomore English, Honors
    Period 2 - Sophomore English, Honors
    Period 3 - Sophomore English, Honors
    Period 4 - Sophomore English, Honors
    Period 5 - Prep Period
    Period 6 - Sophomore English, Honors

Google Classroom Codes

  • Google Classroom Codes for 2020-2021

    1st hour      2rxuoqt

    2nd hour     vhnuz63

    3rd hour       xxpgqik

    4th hour       mrgpfo2

    5th hour      prep - no students

    6th hour      dxnb3y7

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