•   Dr. Janelle Roberts-Perrin


    Phone: 575-2300

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    PhD Curriculum and Instruction

    MA  Teacher Education

    BA   Business Adminstration

    Arizona State Teaching Credential



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    Social Learning


    Unified Adapted Physical Education



    Educational Philosophy 

                My philosophy of education is based on a constructivist approach that allows students to use personal experiences as a foundation for learning. The use of personal experience as a connection to new learning is a great avenue to build confidence among learners and bridge the educational gaps that may have challenged them. I believe all students can learn and as an educator, I must value my role in helping students understand how they learn best if I want students to perform at their best. My hope is that the students I have interacted with will feel confident to think for themselves and be able to apply what they have learned in and away from their school community.  

                My philosophy of education supports inclusion among all learners, giving opportunities for students with and without disabilities to learn from each other. This is evident in my classroom through the integration of Project Unify (Now Unified Champion), a sport and education based program that increases both athletic and leadership opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities. In this setting, students of all abilities work alongside each other, taking time to teach and learn together. The impact of these learning opportunities goes well beyond the classroom and improves school climate and culture in a positive way as we continue to grow with the "Inclusion Revolution".