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  • Welcome to AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC and Pre-AP Algebra 1!  


    My experience has taken me down a very unique career path.  I have taught in an inner city high school, a small, blue-collar city, a suburban junior high, a private high school and an upper middle/upper class district.  I also have experience teaching at satellite campuses for two major universities.  The courses I have taught are also an important part of my career.  Being fortunate enough to teach everything from basic 7th grade math to AP Calculus BC has added to the diverse population I have taught.  With all this experience, I have established a large career base on which to grow. 

    My philosophy is simple, teaching happens when learning occurs.  My goal in every class is to interact with each of my students.  I treat my students with respect and strive to earn their respect.  I look for those little things that spark my students, be it a sport, an interest or way to interact.  I also use a variety of technology.  Interactive boards, calculator emulators and presentations are just some of the technology I use.  I believe it is my job to create an atmosphere of student ownership in their education.  Once ownership is achieved, learning can take place.  

    I am teaching Pre-AP Algebra 1 and two levels of AP Calculus.  I am the Boys' Golf Coach, Throws Coach for the track & field and the Mathematics Department Lead.  I also serve on several leadership committees.  

    As a learner, I am motivated and eager to learn about technology.  I am self-taught in most of my computer skills including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email applications and interactive software.  I have trained several people in the use of technology in the classroom.  I actively seek new and innovative ways to incorporate technology into my classroom.


    Purdue University – Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

    Purdue University Calumet – Graduate Studies in Mathematics

    University of Phoenix – Master of Arts in Educational Administration

Class Schedule:

  • Period 1 - AP Calculus AB
    Period 2 - Pre-AP Algebra 1
    Period 3 - Pre-AP Algebra 1
    Period 4 - AP Calculus BC
    Period 5 - Pre-AP Algebra 1
    Period 6 - Prep

    Office Hours:

     Monday - Thursday during lunch.

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