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    Welcome Back!

    Hope you are all doing well given the current circumstanes. Use the class codes to log into my Google Classroom. If you are unfamilar with Google Classroom, follow the directions below:

    1. In Google, click the waffle in the upper right hand corner and open "Google Classroom"
    2. Click the + sign and go to "Join Class"
    3. Copy and paste your class code to join


    *Updated 4/2/20* Google Hangout groups have been created for each class (waffle icon in upper-right corner). My office hours will be from Monday-Thursday, 2:00-3:00 PM, and Friday by appointment.


    Google Classroom Codes:

    Period 1: kfjduux

    Period 2: ejxmtxb

    Period 3: vyh47zs

    Period 4: t4uld73

    Period 6: rczbjp7




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Class Schedule

  • Period 1  U.S. Military History
    Period 2  Pre-AP World History
    Period 3  Pre-AP World History
    Period 4  U.S. Military History
    Period 6  U.S. Military History