• Dear Parents and Students,

         Listed below is the information in order to join the DAILY zoom meetings. Please be sure you are signing in on time, and in the correct class. This is how attendance will be taken on a daily basis. 

         Off to the right you will find the schedule for your particular class. If you are not signed in to your class at the appropriate time, you will be marked absent or tardy. This is where you will be given directions in regards to the assignemnt for the day.




    Zoom link to ALL Kairis PE classes (periods 1-5)


    Zoom freshmen PE

    Meeting ID: 890 0372 1762

    Passcode : hMvM0A (that is a Zero not an O)


    Please be patient as I will be letting students in one at a time in order to get correct attendance. This may take some time.

    Please make sure you are logging in with your first and last name in order to make things easier. It would be greatly aprreciated.


    Thank you!


    Coach Kairis

Healthy Tips

  • * Get plenty of rest

    * Drink plenty of water

    * Stretch before and after exercising

    * Exercise 3 - 5 times a week

    * Always wear sunscreen

Class Schedule

  • Coach Kairis Daily Scedule:

    1st hour - Freshmen boys PE

    2nd hour - Freshmen girls PE

    3rd hour - Freshmen girls PE

    4th hour - Freshmen girls PE


    5th hour - Freshmen girls PE

    6th hour - 


    On line Schedule: Be sure to zoom in at the begining of class

    1st hour - 7:20 - 8:10

    2nd hour - 8:20 - 9:10

    3rd hour - 9:20 - 10:10

    4th hour - 10:20 - 11:10

    LUNCH - 11:10 - 12:10

    5th hour - 12:10 - 1:00

    6th hour - 1:10 - 2:05

    Office hours 2:10 - 3:00 (as requested)