• Welcome to edgenuity, CSHS Online Program.

    Course Description: Through the online learning program Edgenuity, students have the opportunity to complete all general education courses offered on campus. Courses are offered in all content areas. Students work online at their own pace to complete a class not offered on campus. This program is designed to allow students to take an online class that does not fit into their schedule concurrently with their regular classes.

    Students will be enrolled in and complete coursework using the Edgenuity Virtual Classroom. Students must complete a course within an 18-week window beginning the day they are enrolled in the class. Student must take and complete at least one course per hour that they attend CSHS Online during a semester. A student in an eligibility situation (sports, band, cheer, etc), must take at least one class per hour of attendance, be current in progress, and have a grade of at least 60% of targeted material to be eligible. While we do encourage you to work at your own pace, you will have 18 weeks to complete all assigned courses.


    Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the students will:

    • Show mastery of course content
    • Complete course credit
    • Meet CSHS graduation requirements

Class Schedule

  • Period 1     Edgenuity

    Period 2     Edgenuity

    Period 3     Edgenuity

    Period 4     Edgenuity

    Period 5     Edgenuity

    Period 6     Edgenuity