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    If you are a parent with questions or concerns related to theatre or cshs drama club, please feel free to email him.

Assignments/Daily Work

  • In addition to the daily participation points assigned each week, students are assessed on their ability to demonstrate their understanding in the following areas.

    August/September - Basic Theatre Skills and Knowledge
    September/October - Improvisational Theatre
    October - Reader's Theatre
    November - Pantomime
    December - Scene Work
    January/February - Development of Theatre
    March - The Audition Process
    April/May - The Theatrical Process

Class Schedule

  • Period One
    Theatre 1/2

    Period Two
    Theatre 1/2

    Period Three

    Period Four
    Theatre 5/6, IB Theatre

    Period Five
    Theatre 3/4

    Period Six
    Theatre 1/2


    Office Hours
    Wednesdays at Lunch or by Appointment