Welcome to English Language Arts


    Welcome to Mrs. Burke's
    Pre-AP English 9 Class!

    Mrs. Lorraine Burke
    Room #314 Office hours: Monday-Thursday 6:15 AM - 7:15 AM
    and Tuesday - Thursday 2:10 PM -3:00 PM

    Please email me if you would like me to call you and specify a number and time that would be best to reach you.
     I am not able to take phone calls during school hours.

    Please read the following letter with important information about Pre-AP English 9
    IMPORTANT Sept 18 Pre-AP Eng. 9 Letter

    Please look at the materials list below to be prepared for the first days of school!

    Curriculum Night

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Class Schedule

    Mrs. Burke's schedule

    6:15 - 7:15 AM     “0” Hour - Mrs. Burke available for help
    7:20 - 8:17            1st Hour     Pre-AP Eng. 9

    8:22 – 9:19           2nd Hour   Pre-AP Eng. 9 

    9:24 – 10:21        3rd Hour    Prep Period

    10:26 – 11:29     4th Hour    Pre-AP Eng. 9

    11:29 – 12:09      Lunch

    12:09 –1:05         5th Hour     Pre-AP Eng. 9

    1:10- 2:05             6th Hour    Pre-AP Eng. 9

    2:15-3:00           Office hours Tuesday - Thursday


Course Materials Needed

  • Please have by MONDAY, AUGUST 12th, 2019
    The following materials are required for class and will be used on a regular basis:
    You need these by Mon. Aug. 12

    1. A College-Ruled Composition Notebook (the black and white kind whose pages cannot be removed)
    2. Plenty of Loose Leaf, College-Ruled paper (spiral bound is NOT acceptable)
    3. A two pocket, three prong folder to travel to and from home and school
    4. Dark Blue or Black pens
    5. Pencils with erasers
    6. Multi-colored Highlighters
    7. At least 200 lined 3x5 index cards for vocabulary 
    8. White printer paper (for at-home printing - keep at home)
    9. A box of Tissue (or more, if possible, please) for the classroom
    10. Access to a computer with Internet and a printer
      (or come to school early and use library computer and printer)

    College-Ruled Composition Book College ruled paper  2 pocket 3 brad folder

Remind.com Instructions

  • Mrs. Burke will be using Remind.com to keep in touch with students and parents concerning homework, due dates, and important information.
    Mrs. Burke would like you to join Remind.com! 

    Pre-AP ENGLISH 9: Text the message @Eng9Burke1 for 1st hour, @Eng9Burke2 for 2nd hour, @Eng9Burke4 for 4th hour, @Eng9Burke5 for 5th hour, or @Eng9Burke6 for 6th hour, to the number 81010. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @Eng9Burke(and the class number) to (480) 725-3122.

    Don’t have a mobile phone? Go to rmd.at/Eng9Burke on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.

    *Standard text message rates apply.
    You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying,  'unsubscribe @Eng9Burke (and the class number)
    Trouble using 81010? Try texting  @Eng9Burke(and the class number) to (480) 725-3122 instead.

    Or to receive messages via email, send an email to @mail.remind.com.
    Subject:(You can leave the subject blank)
    To unsubscribe, reply with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

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