Contact Information

Name Position Phone Number Email
James Swetter Interim Principal 480-575-2401
Candi Jones Administrative Assistant 480-575-2401
Laurie Umbarger Assistant Principal, Student Services 480-575-2404
Debbie Dowd Administrative Assistant 480-575-2407
Tandehl Collentine Interim - TOA, Operations & Athletics 480-575-2406
Lori Johnson Administrative Assistant 480-575-2458
Aaron Pettinato Dean of Students 480-575-2405
Peggy Vance Administrative Assistant 480-575-2433
Pam Lazo Registrar 480-575-2413
Doreen Decker Health Office 480-575-2402
Janet Onan Bookstore 480-575-2421
Linda Killingbeck Nurse, Health Office 480-575-2445

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