Welcome to the Developmental Preschool


    Welcome to Room #506 of the CCUSD93 Developmental Preschool housed at Desert Sun Academy!  I'm so glad you are here!  I'm your teacher Mrs. Love.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or great news!

Fun At-Home Learning

    • Read to your child every day
    • Read Nursery Rhymes, sing songs and teach finger play each day
    • Visit your Library
    • Count EVERYTHING
    • Have your child practice locating their name
    • Establish a daily routine and bedtime
    • Encourage your child to use child sized scissors and give them lots of things they can cut and snip
    • Look on-line for simple play-dough and slime recipies for sensory play
    • Get outside and active every day

Daily Routine

    • Welcome/ Sign-in
    • Gross Motor  (Music and Me)
    • Bathroom Break
    • Circle
    • Releated Services (OT, Speech and Language, Physical Therapy)
    • Center Work
    • Free Play
    • Family Snack
    • Closing


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