• Open House = 24 August 2020

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    Two years ago I was on this amazing thing called 'the internet' and came across a quote by an early American historian and author named Alice Morse Earle.  She wrote "Every day may not be good... but there is something good in every day".  I took that as my personal goal that year for each and every day, find that 'something good'. 

    That school year, my first period AMAZ History class was that 'something good' every day.  It was the 'something good' they brought every day that returned that energy, the love I have for being with my students and teaching history. 

    The history first period and I made together that year made me forever grateful to them for showing me the good in every day and in every class since then - it was right in front of me the whole time - it was them.

    I want our time together this year in History class to be the 'something good' that you find in your day.  It is easy to find, especially in history class! 

    Let's find that 'something good' together, every single day.  Besides, history is AWESOME and I am excited about the year ahead! Thank you for being here!

Office Hours

  • Office Hours: At the time of this posting, office hours are online from 2:10PM to 3:00PM via Zoom. 

    Specific days for specific content TBD.

    *Office hours and availability subject to change due to professional obligations.

Class Schedule

  • 2020/2021 - Online Schedule

    Period 1 = AMAZ History
    7:20 to 8

    Period 2 = AMAZ History
    8:20 to 9:10

    Period 3 = Teacher Prep

    Period 4 = AP U.S. History
    10:20 to 11:10

    Lunch = 11:10 to 12:10

    Period 5 = AP U.S. History
    12:10 to 1:00

    Period 6 = AP U.S. History
    1:10 to 2:00