• To order pictures, you will need to go to the website.  dorianstudio.com.   For the security of each image, they all have an unique Access Key at this point.  The family can call our Customer Advocate Team at 800-826-3535 and we can help over the phone.  Alternatively,  your family can go to the website, dorianstudio.com, search your school name and click on the yellow 'Help" button next to picture day.  A box will pop up and they click "I need help placing an order".
    From there Dorian will collect all of the information needed to match the person placing the order with the right student.  If they have all of the information they need the family will get the access key for the right student almost immediately.  If more information is needed their Customer Advocate Team will reach out to your family to help with any additional questions you might have.