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Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Education: Secondary Education, Arizona State University Bachelor of Science: Creative Media & Film, Northern Arizona University

Mr. Morgan Myrick

Hello! My name is Morgan Myrick. I am an Arizona native and have resided here my entire life. My K-12 experience was in Prescott, Arizona. From there, I attended college at Northern Arizona University from 2014-2018 to obtain my Bachelor's degree in Creative Media & Film with a minor in Philosophy. Recently, I attended Arizona State University from 2020-2021 to obtain my Master's degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English instruction. This will be my first-year teaching English and I'm very excited to begin my teaching career at Cactus Shadows High School. Literacy in a myriad of mediums such as literature, digital communications, and news media; I believe is of the utmost importance. I hope through my teachings that students will be able to engage cooperatively and competitively, as actively informed citizens, within a global society; and to be able to be autonomous individuals that prove self-sufficient and prideful within their chosen expertise. 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy year! Go Falcons!

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My Educational Philosophy

  • One of the philosophies of education I apply in my classrooms is the belief that “a primary goal of public education is to provide students with skills to be happy and productive members of their societies” (V. Jones & L. Jones, Comprehensive Classroom Mangagement). I also believe in a "Humanist" teaching philosophy, which is focused on training students to become self-directed learners. Consequently, because of this teaching philosophy, my teaching style holds a heavy emphasis on exploration. My hope is to bring awareness to the many resources that are available to my students within their schools and communities, and to allow students to discover and hone passions through their education. As Plato once said in his text, Phaedo, “All learning is in the learner, not the teacher"; and from this, my intention is to give students the best tools possible to learn, so they can become the most knowledgable, contributory U.S. and world citizens they can be in the near and distant future.