HTES 6th Grade Language Arts is Here!



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Doran

Degrees and Certifications

B.A. International Affairs, Florida State University
Education Certification & 6-12 Lanugage Arts Certification, Rio Salado

 Sixth grade is when the excitement about learning takes off.  Students read exceptional texts, both fiction and nonfiction. Each text introduces challenging ideas which lead to vibrant discussions and debates.  To grow as readers, we dive into a variety of text formats to learn about ourselves and our world. Critical evaluation is celebrated in our classroom so students can make thoughtful decisions about what they see and read.

Contact me:  Trish Doran

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Why do I teach?

You, students, are why I teach.  It is an honor to demonstrate the power of a curious mind. Learning is a life skill and it is my intention to create a safe environment where students question everything.  Helping each student to find their voice, to advocate for themselves and others, to empower, and to embrace resiliency is my goal.  Every student is an expert in many areas already.  I am excited to work together to add more expert skills to students' toolboxes.

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