• Just for today: 

    I will learn something new.

    I will exercise my body and mind. I will be happy.

    I will have fun.  I will be kind.

  • Course Overview

    I will be teaching US/AZ Government, Economics, and US/AZ history this year along with Essential Skills.

     It should be a great time to learn about government with the election so close.  I believe in the Constitution and fact checking when it comes to politics.  Students should be prepared to discuss current events as they relate to the Constitution and government.  We will be looking at causes and effects.  We will look at the roles of the government and the people we elect.  We are going to know why voting for the Representatives and Senators are just as important as voting for the President.  Why, now it is more important than ever to vote. 

    American/ Arizona history; "if we do not learn from our past we are bound to repeat it.  We will be looking at our nation's history from colonization to today.  We will see look for the causes and effects of events.  We will look at the evolution of American politics as it relates to the upcoming election.  Arizona history has many a tall tale associated with it.  It is a history rich in culture and growth that has led it to be one of the "Leading States” in American politics.  We look at how environmental issues have contributed to the state’s growth and history.

    Essential Skills will be more than a study hall.  There is daily bell work and weekly grade checks.  Organization and study strategies will be a focus. 


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Class Schedule

  • Period 1: Essential Skills

    Period 2: Government

    Period 3:  Social Studies

    Period 4: Essential Skills

    Period 5: Prep

    Period 6: America/ AZ History