6th Grade Homework

Reading/Language Arts

  • Read 40 minutes each day!  This is reading outside of school on the weekends :). 

    Latin/Greek Roots Part 2- new digital notebook uploaded and available in Google Classroom

    • Due 1/10/20:  "scrib/script"
    • Due 1/17/20:  "medi/midi"
    • Due 1/24/20:  "dem"
    • Due 1/31/20:  "log"


    January Novel Project due 1/31/20

    Templates and directions will be available in class and can be completed and turned in early.

    • Students can pick up the template for novel projects any day of class!

    Week of 1/27/20

    1. Bowtie Family Tree due completed 1/28/20
    2. Family interview/s due completed 1/28/20
    3. Poem Recitations begin 1/29/20 because of presentation on 1/28/20
    4. Root word log due 1/31/20
    5. Novel Project due 1/31/20


    Week of 1/21/20

    1. Date of Text Structure quiz moved to 1/22/20!
    2. Root word dem due 1/24/20
    3. Work on Poem Recitation project
    4. Work on Genealogy Project








     Why Shakespeare? is our unit of study for January. Students will read about the Bard, research Elizabethan England, conduct research to create a 4-generation family tree, design and make a coat of arms and work with a group to develop a culminating project reflecting what was learned throughout this unit.

    Genealogy Project:  See Sutori presentation on Google Classroom after 1/21/20.

    • Most work will be done in class, but interviews and some research must be done outside of the classroom.
    • Have fun learning about your family history.  

    Mini Research on Elizabethan England:  In the Classroom




Social Studies

  • Ancient India Test: 1/16 

    B1 Only: Return Human Growth and Development Permission Slip (2 pages): 1/17


     Spanish immersion


     Completar ciberinvestigación de India: 1/17



  • Skeletal and Muscular System Test: 1/15


     Spanish immersion

    - Entregar proyecto de la célula 1/10

    - Examen de la célula 1/17