STMS: A World Language School

  • Sonoran Trails Middle School is proud to offer: Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese as a daily core class for all students in 7th and 8th grade.

    Our Middle School to High School Pathways

    By participating in daily world language classes, STMS students develop a competitive edge in high school, university and in the global workforce. After 2 years of daily classes in a language, STMS stdudents are able to enter the 3/4 level (year two) at Cactus Shadows High School (CSHS). This in turn, allows CSHS students to easily reach the Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) levels which can grant university credit before graduating from high school. 

    Our Elementary to Middle School Pathways

    Students coming from Cave Creek Unified School District Elementary Schools will continue their PK-6 language studied through 8th grade in the same lanugage with two exceptions. Please keep in mind that Spanish elementary schools are Desert Willow, Desert Sun Academy and Black Mountain Elementary School. Chinese elementary schools are Horseshoe Trails Elementary and Lone Mountain Elementary Schools.

    Exceptions Outside of Designated K-8 Pathways

    Students from any CCUSD elementary schools can opt into Chinese or French (Spanish is only available to Spanish elementary school students). French has its entry point for all in 7th grade as no elementary schools offer French world language.

    Language Immersion Program Continuation

    Spanish Immersion students from DWES will continue in a Advanced Spanish Immersion Language Arts class and at least 1 elective in Spanish.