• Welcome to Creative Inquiry!   I am very excited to explore, energize, enrich and expand with your students.  Our room will be abundant with opportunity and promise, goals and growth, collaboration and community.   Your students will be empowered as they seek and find answers to conceptual and critical questions and problems that drive our community and our world.    

  • Our 1st Unit Driving Question:  

    What makes an effective school and why (and how) must we create and/or maintain them?

    The students have brainstormed a vast array of answers to this question and will be beginning their full projects.  Answers to this question range from recess to no bullying to nice but strict teachers to technology to classroom layout to math enrichment.  Lots and lots of interesting convos.   

    They are completing/have completed their intial research through various primary and secondary source reserach stations, are honing their critical thinking of this question, and will begin work on projects;  some project suggestions have ranged from Personal Narratives to Jigsaw Puzzle Creations to Narrating Minecraft Worlds for Engineering Skills (looks we may have a lot of future ENgineers!:) to Sculpture.   

    I'm excited for them to get their hands crafting and building and revising, and I know they are as well!

Project Based Learning

  • Project-Based Learning honors the various synapses alive and well in our brains.  With subject matter at the core of our exploration, students will be given great latitude for discovery. As they navigate and create Driving Questions related to various curriculum-related subjects, students will hone and then apply their skills in final, creative, indivudalized unique learning projects. 

    Project based learning (PBL) will be the style of enrichment for the Creative Inquiry Gifted and Talented program in the Cave Creek Unified School District. Within a PBL classroom, you will see students learning new content through a method that encourages choice, is challenging, and fun! Below are the main goals of the CCUSD's Creative Inquiry Class.

    • Students will work within collaborative groups, learning interdependence with like-minded peers, each bringing their own gifts to the group dynamic.
    • Students investigate, research, and explore real world problems within an area of interest.
    • Students will create a product that provides a solution to the problem, explains the problem with possible solutions, and/or increases awareness of the problem. 
    • Students share their solutions with a real world audience. 

     During the Project-based learning process, the students will practice and strengthen valuable 21st-century skills such as decision making, collaborating, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. 

    Typical structures for Projects will include: 

    Project Contract and Tentative Calendar

    Check Google Classroom