Site Council Meetings

  • The CSHS Site Council meets one day each month in the CSHS Principal's Conference Room beginning at 2:15 pm.

Site Council Meeting Minutes

  • November 10th Meeting


    10 / November / 2:21 PM / 137

    Sarah Barela

    Patti Grimm

    Jonathan Naylor

    Angela Thomas

    Kerry Workman

    Pam Menton

    Ron Ireland

    Erica StoutenburghPTO




    Last Meeting Follow-up

    Approve minutes - Angela Thomas,  Kari Workman at 2:20

    New Business

    • Welcome 
    • Current State of Affairs
    • Upcoming Events- Volleyball, Football, Cross Country, Winter Sports
    • Learning Targets, Walkthroughs
    • Attendance/Tardy
    • Calculators
    • Tutoring math and NHS
    • Holiday Spirit Week- Dec 6-10th
    • Giving Week 11/29-12/3 giving back to community efforts


    • Waiting for approval of tv for Jonathan Naylor
    • Volleyball finals at Horizon tomorrow
    • JV game tonight
    • Friday last Football game
    • Cross country final meet at Cave Creek golf course
    • Winter sports in progress
    • Implications from bond not passing with sports - are programs going to be cut. Athletics is completely self funded.  
    • Professional development with staff - learning targets, expectations,

    Posted in classrooms, the what, why and how.


     District wide walk through tool - strategies used in classroom, data will be used to see how to make classroom function more efficiently. Next week with teachers.  Admin got to one classroom -goal to get in everyone's classroom to try the tool out.

    Attendance and tardies - following through with it.  If kids are at 13, go to committee-provide documentation to committee - can lose credit.  PAID based on attendance.  Excused and unexcused absences.  17 absences we do not get funding for.  Maybe tell parents about it.  

    Presenting to staff coming up with sweep first hour . Late three times in a row, go sit in a class with no phone.  Will send outSurvey staff - 


    Buying graphing calculators/scientific calculators - have enough in the bookstore, can rent for the school year.  Buy a handful to get through the year.

    Possibly reach out to Walmart

    Math tutoring - 

    Mr. Lavigne has tutoring in his room

    Cramming for finals - 5-7 pm or 6-8

    Holiday spirit week

    Winter formal - end January after break poll on instagram

    Giving week Nov 29 - Dec 3 give back to community - tbd

    Revisit conferences - feedback - 

    Survey will come out 

    No conferences for high school 


    PTO - lunch December 15th lunch spread 

    Visited Highland High School - pre ap

    Will be visiting Vail Arizona in Spring - beyond textbooks  k-8 is using beyond textbooks

    ACT not SAT 

    Motion to adjourn at 3:00