Welcome to Pre-AP English 2!

  • Pre-AP English 2 is based on focused content and targeted assessment that narrows down the wide-range of reading comprehension and writing. In addition, our specific class will focus on the theme of How to Engage with World, Culture, & Society Through Understanding and Digital Citizenship.

    What does that mean? All of the texts/lessons will focus on understanding a part of the world, a culture, a time period, or a topic within our society. All activities will be about entering the existing conversations on those topics and then adding to them. In addition, the dependence on online offers the perfect opportunity to study Digital Citizenship and how it can hinder and help with these topics. The goal is to show how what we learn in English can apply to other subjects and relate to the “real world” outside academia. 

    For a copy of the Course Syllabus, Class Schedule, & Student Organizer, click here: Syllabus Page

    For Further Information on Pre-AP English 2, click here: Overview

    All additional course information can be found on Canvas.

Online Learning Schedule

  • 6:20-7:10--0 Hour

    7:20-8:10--1st Hour

    8:20-9:10--2nd Hour

    9:20-10:10--3rd Hour

    10:20-11:10--4th Hour


    12:20-1:10--5th Hour

    1:20-2:10--6th Hour

    2:10-3:00--Office Hours

    *Daily Zoom Meetings start at the beginning of the class period. Students should join by the start of class. 

    *After the Zoom meeting ends, students will complete online work through Canvas per weekly/daily schedule & Zoom instructions. 

Ms. Gebel's Schedule

  • 7:20-8:10--1st Period Pre-AP English 2

    8:20-9:10--2nd Period Pre-AP English 2

    9:20-10:10--3rd Period Pre-AP English 2

    10:20-11:10--4th Period Prep


    12:20-1:10--5th Period Pre-AP English 2

    1:20-2:10--6th Period Pre-AP English 2

    2:10-3:00--Office Hours & Meetings

    OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday & Thursday after school (subject to change based on meetings)