Welcome to 10th Grade English!


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    Ms. G Room 308 English is not Over, just Altered.  

    I am still here for every student and parent who needs anything! I am available via email, Gmail chat, Zoom Conference call, and phone. I have rearranged our Google Classroom so it is simplified and can work as an online education and communication hub. Our English class is now about reminding each other that we are not alone in this and that we can use our resources, our knowledge, and our creativity to still engage with each other and help each other through these unprecedented times. I, myself, have learned so much about the various technology out there to improve my teaching skills, returned to certain past times I love and missed out on during my traditionally hectic schedule, and have found that I am practicing more patience and acceptance of that which I cannot change. 

    Students should rely on Google Classroom for all information, while parents should rely on this website. I do not want to bombard you with emails, so I am going to try more videos and audio files. I will send Remind Notifications, but otherwise, the plan is simple: On Monday, check this website/Google Classroom for what is expected for that week. Then contact me if you have any questions. 

    Wishing you all the best and missing you terribly, 

    Ms. Gebel

    Ms. G. 


    NOTE: Aside from the Weekly Calendar (I suggest you all print/save), here's a weekly checklist for our class. Ask yourself these questions and when all 7 are complete you're done for the week. You finished English for the week when you completed the following:

    1. Did I complete today's attendance question? (repeat each school day)
    2. Did I look over the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Project sample to catch up with Ms. G.?
    3. Did I complete the B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Project? 
    4. Did I comment on what my classmates are doing by looking at their B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Projects?
    5. Did I look over the Digital Citizenship Activity sample to get my dose of Ms. G.'s instruction? 
    6. Did I complete the Digital Citizenship Activity? 
    7. Did I do my best? Engage with my class? Ask questions if I had them? Am I feeling more confident in this "online learning"? 


    Note: Information on the English Final can be found under "Reflection" Assignment or under "Class Information on Google Classroom". The schedule, if finals are occurring during their assigned time, is as follows:

    Tuesday May 19-1st & 4th period

    Wednesday May 20-2nd & 5th period

    Thursday May 21-3rd & 6th period

    *Last day to turn in work for a grade is 2:00 PM on Friday May 15


  • Below you will find the "new syllabus & expectations" or as I'm calling it, "Our New Normal". 

    Disclaimer: You will see with all the PowerPoints and Videos that I am learning new technology as I go, so please be patient with what I'm sure is awkward but hopefully humorous :)

    Our New Normal   

    Video Version

    Answers to Student Questions on what to expect: Video PowerPoint


    Google Classroom for Parents.     Video Guide

    REMIND.  We do have a class, but you do not have to use it. It is simply a way to get a reminder of information that is on Google Classroom or here. If you choose to join, please join the correct "class period" so that it is consistent with Google Classroom. 


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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • The B.R.E.A.T.H.E. Project

    A weekly project where students try taking a moment to:








    Do something you could not have done before quarantine, or just did not do before quarantine due to life getting in the way. Try something new, be creative, and remember to find new ways to have fun and stay engaged. They're due by midnight Thursday and then on Friday we can see all of them and comment/interact with each other. I'll post my own every Monday to give you ideas. 


    Narrated PowerPoint


    Every week students will be assigned an activity that they will turn in Friday and I will offer feedback. This activity is meant to keep students using their English skills with critical thinking, analysis, writing, speaking, and creativity. These assignments will focus on understanding the digital world around us by seeing how we can use it to communicate and evaluate the pros/cons of existing digital communication. 


    Narrated PowerPoint

    I will always have a sample on Google Classroom when I post the week's assignment.