Welcome to 10th Grade English!

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    We're going to read, write, watch videos, create projects, engage in discussions, and have so much fun that we're going to forget we're learning!

    We are going to focus on World and Culture by discussing where we started, how we evolved, and where we're going through various moments in history and types of text. From A.I. & Technological advancements inspired by Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN to deconstructing heroes and narratives inspired by BEOWULF to exploring the evolution of storytelling with FAIRYTALES, MYTHOLOGIES, LEGENDS, and FOLKLORE...and so much more. 

    The ENDGAME is to prepare for the AZMerit by focusing on writing skills, specifically how to write more in less time. That is why we have weekly writing and it is in-class (55 minutes). The goal is that in May you will be able to write a formal 5-paragraph essay in a single class period. We will also focus on reading skills by reading many short stories, poems, and excerpts that inspire us to discuss other subjects.

    We will rely on Google Classroom because everything will be posted and outlined there. Most things will be on the teacher website, but EVERYTHING IS ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM! You will be responsible for having a reliable way to access Google Classroom, this website, and Infinite Campus to check your grades. 





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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

Unit Calendars


    Here is the Unit 1 Calendar that includes the first week of school and the first unit: Rhetorical Analysis. 

    Here is the Unit 2 Calendar that includes the three weeks of the second unit: Story Deconstruction & Archetypes Part 1 (Fables, Fairy Tales, and Mythologies).

    Here is the Unit 3 Calendar that includes the four weeks of the third unit: Legends (King Arthur, Robin Hood, & The Musketeers) & our Quarter 1 Paper.

    Here is the Unit 4 Calendar that includes the Hero's Journey and Beowulf reading. 

    Here is the Unit 5 Calendar that includes the Hero's Journey Epic Poem Project and preparing for the final exam. 

    Here is the Unit 6 Calendar that includes the Poetry, Sonnet, and Iambic Pentameter. 


  • Here is a Reminder Syllabus on material you might have forgotten from last semester and the slight changes to spring semester. 


    Please check the Syllabus for all information regarding the class details. 

    Make sure you have joined our class's Google Classroom (codes posted on class wall). 

    Make sure you have a notebook for note-taking and paper for in-class assignments. 


    *Here is the PowerPoint of what I went over during the Open House on Weds 8/21,  Open House PowerPoint