• Welcome

    • Dear Parents and Students,

      Hello,  This week marks the beginning of the fourth week before the end of the school year.  It is important that students continue to work through assignments, reaching out to teachers and staff and making an effort to participate.  Counselors will be contacting students who have consistently been absent as of this week.  Seniors, please remember to completge assignments, YTP program efforts and all other graduation requirements prior to May 8.  


      Online course work will continue through the end of this school year 

      Online Resources: All course work will be available via my Google Classroom. The steps required for students to access or enroll in my Google Classroom are:

      1. Go to Google Classroom. 
      2. Click on the +  and select join a class
      3. Enter the class code that corresponds with the class you take.  

        Please log on to each of your teachers' google classrooms for daily attendance. Essential Skills students will have a daily check-in assignment/attendance.  

        Weekly Meetings

        Students - These are mandatory for students on my caseload.  I have sent emails to both parents and students and will begin calling those from whom I have not heard.  Please respond/compose an email with a time that is good for you - I promise to be brief and meetings can be by phone.  

      Weekly Assignments: Course work will be made available each week before the beginning of school on Monday and will have due dates as posted. For ESS English, there will be  a suggested due date and to keep students on track; the assignments will not be officially due until 11:59 PM on Friday. 

      Attendance: In compliance with state guidelines I will need to mark attendance each school day (M-F). Therefore, in addition to the weekly assignments, students will have a question listed under attendance/check in that they will have to answer by 2:00 PM. The Daily Question will double as an attendance marker that is used to mark students present or absent, and will only be accessible on scheduled school days. It will also be used to give ESS students daily participation points.  You must type a response to these questions to get full daily attendance points. Thank you!


      Case Management/IEP Meetings:  If you have an IEP, MET or RED meeting, you will receive both a phone call as well as Google Calendar invitation.  Currently, I am scheduling meetings for students on my caseload with annual dates through the month of August 2020.  Draft IEPs, progress notes and finalized evaluations and IEPs will be sent to parents via the email address on file.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  I will do my best to meet your needs for the time you choose, but be aware that law requires as least one general education teacher to be present in the meeting.  That limits our choice of times to the posted school day.  Thank you for your understanding!  

      Students will receive Transition surveys as well as an email invitation to discuss present levels and future goals, prior to the meeting.  It is important to respond to these in a timely manner.  

      Communication: Should you or your student need additional help/information please feel free to check (and bookmark for future access) the links below. Additionally, I will be available via e-mail at lfisher@ccusd93.net  or students can schedule “Office Hours” for individual needs or more in-depth questions. I am willing and able to conduct case management and weekly student 1:1 conferences by phone.  These will be individual appointments to be scheduled at least one day in advance.  Please email me to schedule these. 

      Links and Online Expectations:


    Cactus Shadows High School

    A+ School of Excellence

    5802 East Dove Valley Road , Scottsdale, AZ 85266



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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

Class Schedule

  • Class Schedule:

    • Period 1 - Co taught PreAP English with Lorraine Burke
      Period 2 - ESS
      Period 3 - ESS
      Period 4 - Resource ELA
      Period 5 - Student 1:1 Conferences
      Period 6 - Office Hours


      Students - join the Google classroom for your period to see exact meeting time, assignments and more! 

Online Textbooks

  • None!  What you need is provided within the Google Classroom.