• Welcome to Lone Mountain's "journey through music".  I'm so pleased to be teachiing your children to sing, play instruments, read and write music, and move to music. They will be immersed in rhythms, melodies, styles of music, and so much more. This year will include recorders, guitars/ukes, percussion instruments, and Orff instruments in addition to composing, moving/dancing, listening, and music analysis. I hope to have each grade level highlighted in a performance. 

    I will post upcoming musical events below as soon as the dates/times are set.

    We are utilizing the Silver Burdett music series which is aligned with the Arizona state music standards.

    This year my choir students are from grades 4-6 grades and they meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 8-8:40 am. Hopefully we will split into two choirs next year and may add a guitar/uke club or musical drama club. 

    I look forward to teaching your children the many facets of music and sharing my love for music with them in as many ways as possible. 

    Stay tuned for all the musical adventures to come!

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    This year the music classes are on a three day rotation schedule. Each class, Pre-K through 6th grade, receive forty minutes of instruction. 



    The text that the students are using do not appear to be available online.  Here is a list of websites that you may want to "check out"....


    Creating Music



    World Music for Children



    Classic for Kids