Welcome to 5th Grade Mandarin Immersion Science & Social Studies

  • Fifth Grade Mandarin Social Study and Science 2019-2020

    I am looking forward to a terrific year with a great group of students! 

    Throughout this year, we will learn American Goveronment, American History, Geography, science.....and much more!

     My Why Statement

    I teach because I really love to. I love to see the smiling faces of my students after they get their problems solved. I love to see my students know that it is perfectly fine to make mistakes in my class and love the ways they learn from mistakes. I love to witness my students to become independent learners and thinkers step by step. I just love the most rewarding job in the world. 




Class Schedule

  • Class Schedule

     Block 1 - 8:55-10:10

     Block 2 - 10:15 -11:30

     Encore, lunch, recess - 11:35-12:50

     Block 3 -  12:55-2:05

     Recess -  2:05-2:20

     Block 4 -  2:20-3:30

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