• Welcome back! I've been thinking about all of you and hoping you and your family are feeling well. I know this is a difficult time. We all process life experiences differently and at different times. Whatever you're feeling right now is perfectly okay.

    I've been working hard to practice social distancing. This time at home has allowed me to focus on myself as well as the things I regularly try to avoid: cleaning, household projects, organizing. I've also been able to do plenty of things I enjoy, though: reading, watching shows, and hiking- I have hiked over 50 miles since we've been off school.

    On Monday, April 30th, the Governor announced that our schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. As such, we will be moving forward with digital learning to finish out the third quarter. I have created a Google Classroom for each subject and have invited all of my students. To access the Google Classroom, click on your Google Classroom app and accept the invite.  I've tried to make things as user friendly as possible. No hoops to jump through and no scheduled live lessons. However, I will occasionally schedule an optional Zoom session at the time of our class for those that would like to meet in person.

    Assignments will be available a week at a time for you to complete at your convenience. Please check out my "Online Classroom Expectations" attached below or under "Key Documents." I'm sure it will answer many of your questions. If not, reach out, and I'd be happy to answer. :)

    I'm looking forward to experiencing this new type of classroom with all of you!

    Ms. Huss



    Welcome to Junior/Senior English Essentials and Essential Skills! 

    English Essentials is a modified course in which students will study literature, nonfiction, written expression and vocabulary development.  Students are able to learn concepts at a pace more suitable for their needs, and at the best level needed for success.

    Essential Skills is an elective course where students get the opportunity for extra academic support as well as to service their IEP needs.



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Current Assignments

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Class Schedule

  • 1. Essential Skills
    2. English 11/12 Essentials
    3. Essential Skills
    4. English 11/12 Essentials
    5. Co-taught English 11
    6. English 9/10 Essentials