Welcome to Art

  • Welcome to the Cactus Shadow Art Studio!

    Georgia O"Keeffe

    You will be entering a place of discovery, imagination and creativity. We will all be learning together and finding out what makes your artwork unique. 

    A few expectations as we start out this new school year online:

    • Be ontime - be in the Zoom waiting room for admittance & attendance
    • Be prepared - classwork from previous day is due by 7:20 AM (unless otherwise directed)
    • Have your art supplies at the ready - sketchbook and something to draw with
    • No cell phone usage - unless otherwise directed
    • Be at a desk or a table - not in your bed or recliner
    • BE ENGAGED in the learning!
    • Follow dresscode - NO PJs or hoodie covering
    • You'll be entering CANVAS using  your username and password
    • The assignments, videos, images, discussions will be in Canvas

    If you are a student who needs access to Ms. Paysen's Zoom classroom, please check your school email for the Welcome Letter.

    If you are a student or parent that needs help with Canvas plese use this link to the Distric website:


    Please email me if you have more specific questions. I am here to help and we'll figure all this out together!

    A little philosophy about why I teach...

    Because of Mr. Ed., my high school art teacher.
    He opened up the world of art to me. 
    I teach so that I can encourage young artists the way he did for me and share my love for creating art with others. 

    **Can you guess my favorite artist??**





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Class Schedule

  • 1st Period Prep

    7:20 - 8:10

    2nd Period Intro to Art

    8:20 - 9:10

    3rd Period Draw/Paint

    9:20 - 10:10

    4th Period Draw/Paint

    10:20 - 11:10


    5th Period Intro to Art

    12:10 - 1:00

    6th Period Intro to Art

    1:10 - 2:00

    Office Hours

    2:00 - 3:00 T, W, T