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    Welcome Back 2nd Grade Video!
    This is my third year teaching at Horseshoe Trails! I am so excited to share this with you and get to know you more throughout the year. Horseshoe Trails has always held a special place in my heart, and I am so excited to still be able to teach here. We are going to be exploring a lot this year and will be doing a lot of hands on learning. I love to make things, and the kids will learn that very quickly. I know it is going to be a fantastic year and your children are going to be encouraged and loved through the entire learning process. Reading is my favorite, and I hope it is your favorite too. We will do a lot with practicing phonetics, sight words, spelling, and learning LARGER words throughout the year. Just wait until the day your child comes home, BLOWS YOUR MIND, and asks you to stop all the “racket” or states that their pet has a bad “odor”...because it will happen. Trust me! Learning how to read and spell will be integrated into every other subject, as connecting all of them across the board is highly valuable. Math is going to also be an important part of the year and students will be provided with strategies that best suit them as an individual. Your students are going to be met right where they are academically and I will be sure to make myself available to you and your kiddos as much as possible. I am here to make this Second Grade year the best year ever!
    This is First AND Second Grade, and welcome to it!
    -Mrs. Rosser

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Weekly Home Practice

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    With the year starting off as distance learning, things are definitely going to look different! All the informaiton you need will be on your child's Canvas page!

     It is so very important to read with your kiddos for at least 20 minutes a day. Make reading fun by picking stories that interest them.

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