Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

    I am so excited to share the journey of the 2020-21 school year with you. This year brings us all so many opportunities to grow and learn. We are all being challenged to have high expectations for ourselves. As your teacher, I will expect you to set goals for yourself and work very hard to reach them. I promise to set high goals for myself as well.

    In this class, you will be held to high academic and social standards.  Above all else, students are expected to treat everyone with respect. Many of the laboratory activities will involve student collaboration and cooperation; the nature of science is collaboration with other scientists.  Students will be encouraged to interact and share new ideas. Each student will be expected to contribute and work as a team. And yes, we can do labs virtually!

    Please see the calendar for upcoming assignments.

    If you would like to contribute to the labs and classroom:

    Gift Cards

    Please consider donating gift cards in $5 increments to give out to students for ideally monthly drawings. It would be great to reward students with a coffee or fast-food gift card as a way to say thank you for their work and contributions to the class. 

     Amazon Wishlist

    Durable goods and single-use materials for the classroom can be found on the wish list. Games and books that teach logic, science, or math skills are great for when students want enrichment activities. Games should be playable in under 30 minutes and faster is better, with 10-20 minutes being optimum. 

    I have a big ask for metal patio furniture and foldable umbrellas and stands. There is a patio off my classroom and during independent study when the weather is nice, it would be great to give students the option to work outside. There is a set on the Amazon wish list that has stackable chairs, but if you want to donate used metal patio chairs and tables or umbrellas, it would be much appreciated. 

    Please do not feel obligated in any way to purchase anything, just know that it is very appreciated if you do.



    Sonoran Trails Middle School

    Attn: Katie Petrine

    P.O. Box 426

    Cave Creek, AZ 85327