• Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

    I am so excited to share the journey of the 2018-19 school year with you. This year brings us all so many opportunities to grow and learn. We are all being challenged to have high expectations for ourselves. As your teacher, I will expect you to set goals for yourselves and work very hard to reach them. I promise to set high goals for myself as well.

    In this class you will be held to high academic and social standards.  Above all else, students are expected to treat everyone with respect. Many of the laboratory activities will involve student collaboration and cooperation; the nature of science is collaboration with other scientists.  Students will be encouraged to interact and share new ideas. Each student will be expected to contribute and work as a team.

    Please see the calendar for upcoming assignments.

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    Text 81010 @a24dg2

    Please email with questions as replies are deactivated on remind.