• Welcome to Senior English and English 10!

    Hiker sitting on a mountaintop
    "One way to get the most out of life is to look on it as an adventure." William Feather

    Office Hours
    Mondays after school
    Wednesdays at lunch

    By Appointment


Class Schedule

  • 1st Hour     7:20-8:17
    2nd Hour    8:22-9:19
    3rd Hour     9:24-10:21
    4th Hour    10:26-11:29
    Lunch          11:29-12:09
    5th Hour    12:09-1:05
    6th Hour    1:10-2:05

Class Resources

  • Google Class Codes
    1st Hour     c2h3kh
    2nd Hour    f26iwh
    3rd Hour    gerd2lc
    4th Hour    pn8972
    6th Hour    c46jyo

    Texts: Besides Google Classroom, we will use the class text and a variety of novels.