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  • Reports from the School Tech Cadre!

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 5/3/2018

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  • One Last Post for Digital Learning Month

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 3/23/2018

    Thanks to everyone who sent up information about digital learning in their classrooms with students. Please feel free to come back to this blog anytime to get inspiration for your classrooms!

    Here are some final awesome examples of technology integration from around CCUSD.

    Kim Wallis-Lundvig, Science teacher at CSHS, sent up this awesome lesson! She writes:  "This week my students created virtual Snurfle Babies!!!   Oh my!!!! It is hilarious! My students enjoyed the Bioman website to help understand how meiosis and fertilization work plus how genetic characters are passed done by creating Snurfle babies! I love this website for it reviews key concepts, provides instant feedback.  The students cannot move on till everything is answered correctly ( the correct answers are not given but hints are!  ) It takes my students through these processes step by step guiding them through these processes!   Did I say I love this website!!!

    Images of Snurfles

    Leah (Baker) Moran, Gifted teacher, sent up another great example of student creativeness.  "Students filming a news report using a green screen to give their final product a realistic “on site” appearance! They will, later on, upload the footage to a computer application that will replace the green with an image of their choice.

    Students using a Green Screen

    Paulette Wilson, SciTech teacher at STMS, sent this up: SciTech students at STMS recently used FlipGrid to create and record a narrative rather than writing an essay to demonstrate an understanding of their respective learning units. (  Be sure to click on the link-Super cool!  Here is an example of one student in the Veterinarian Module discussing his learning on Flip Grid:

    Susan Spigarelli, 3rd Grade teacher from BMES, submitted a neat idea for poetry.  She writes: "We kicked off Poetry Month by writing our own Important Books based on Margaret Wise Brown’s book-“The Important Book.”
    We created a slideshow via chrome books AND iPads on Google Chrome for each page. 
    Each child presented their slideshow for their families during our 3rd Quarter Portfolio Party last night."  

     Computer Screen

    Collage of Students giving Reports

    Melissa Cunningham, English teacher from STMS, sent up some examples of her work with students.  She writes: Last week was crazy here at STMS but I made a digital breakout to review the first half of the novel we’ve been reading. I’ve got physical components, but we did the actual “lockbox” part using Google Forms J 

    The second part: - I had two versions of this form because I changed up the codes on a couple of tasks so that I didn’t have any “overhearing” since the codes were a little shorter/simpler.
    Then the students completed one last “challenge” that I allowed them to initially work together in their groups on learning the concept before turning in individual responses. That was assigned in Google Classroom with a list of resources and their response document.  
    I’m hoping I can create more things like this for unit/concept reviews, and work them in between chunks of personalized learning, or use them as personalized learning."


    Janet Anderson, Science teacher at CSHS did a virtual lab: We did a virtual lab on natural selection using peppered moths. 
    Kids working on Virtual lab
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  • So Much Happening in the Creek!!!

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 3/22/2018

    Today on the Blog, we are highlighting a couple awesome teachers doing amazing things with kids!!!

    Irene Camarasa, 6th grade Spanish Immersion teacher at DWES, sent up multiple examples of how she integrates technology in student-centered ways in her classroom!  Check it out-

    Below you can see the first two pics show students creating a video: "We are using Chromebooks to create a story in Chinese shadows theater as we have been learning about China."  This is a link to the SeeSaw account where the final video was uploaded:  Click here
    Next, you see the Moodle Site Irene uses with students for science.  "We use Moodle to make glossaries and tests during the whole year. For example, they choose a muscle for explaining where part of the body is in, what it does and post a picture."

    Collage of pictures

    Below you will see great examples of technology integration at CSHS, in Jeff Walker's CTE Classes!  

    Economics Students researching and preparing presentations on Market Structures:

    Econ kids
    Intro to Computer Science students hard at work coding in JavaScript:

    Econ Kids 2

    IB Econ students making presentations on steel tariff recommendations to a panel of government officials.


    Economics students getting ready for a test using Quizlet Live!
    Kids working on Quizlet Live


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  • One more week left!

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 3/19/2018

    Dear Colleagues,

    Today I will catch up with two submissions from last week!  Please send your coolness up here and it will be posted this week!!! I know this is a busy time, so do what you can!

    Here we go...

    Image of Digital Badges


    FYI, remember that if you submit for a digital badge by the end of the week, you will also be put into the drawing for the final prizes!!  Click here to find out how


     More digital learning happening at DWES in SueKids using SmartyAnts Program Jeffers' kinder class.  Students are working on Smarty Ants in a blended classroom environment.

    Great job, Sue!


    Kristine Paul, Kinder teacher from DSA, sent us a cool idea, too! She uses Flipped (in-class) lessons using Educreations. 
    She says:  "I make these for a couple different reasons:

    *The student who may be distracted easily
    *The student who I want adding more detail or vocabulary to their page for a challenge or remediation
    *The student who missed class and needs to catch up

    Flipped Lessons in Kindergarten


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  • More Posts for Wild Wednesday!

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 3/14/2018

    Lots of updates today!  Let's get started!

    At CSHS, Culinary Arts uses technology in lots of ways.  Bobbie Burt, Culinary Arts teacher, says: "We use technology in different ways for our culinary class.  Each week we find recipes to use, we compare restaurant menus, investigate food trends and habits over the years, watch videos by various chef’s, and use tools to help us with vocabulary words. I would say that we use technology to enhance and make the connection between what we find online and what we do in class."

    Also at CSHS, Scott LaVigne, English teacher, is using Moodle with his English 102 class!  He writes: "I use a Moodle program in ENG 102 as a way of teaching concepts closely related to the course objectives that align with the novel The Alchemist."

    Louise Rochford, CTE Teacher, sent in a note about their technology integration! She says, "Students in Adv. Finance and Adv Marketing are using an interactive on-line  program to learn Accounting and How to run and Manage a small business."

    Students using computers

    At STMS, Cindy Knuteson, Science teacher, has her students creating magazines about a group of elements from the periodic table!  Take a look: (you need to be signed in to your ccusd93apps account to see)

    More from CSHS! Tandehl Collentine, Health/P.E. Teacher and Diane Montano, Prevention Coach, both use Quizizz for lessons.  Diane uses Quizizz in her prevention lessons, and Tandehl uses Quizizz and her chromebooks in Health class. Tandehl writes: "We are using Quizlett/Chromebooks in Health class to make a class midterm review. In PE we are using chromebooks and phones to research dances and create their music to get ready for our performances."

    Danica Gianni and Officer Penner at CSHS are working together on a neat project: 

    "Officer Penner and I are doing four court cases in class about Of Mice and Men. We have the kids use the movie, the book, and electronic sources to build their case. Super fun three-day project!"

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  • Keyboarding Challenge!

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 3/12/2018

    It's time for the Keyboarding Challenge!  Some of you may remember how this goes, but for those new to CCUSD let me tell you!

    During the rest of Digital Learning Month, we will hold our Keyboarding Challenge!
    Here's how it works:

    • Take your students to this site:
    • Have them start the 1-minute test by starting to type.
    • At the end, invite them to give you their Average Words Per Minute score.
    • Add up all your student scores, then find the average for the class.
    • Submit that number in the Google Form.

    Which class will be the next Keyboarding Champion? Results will be announced at the end of Digital Learning Month!

    Click here to go to the Google Form to share your results!

    Good Luck!

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  • Lots To Share Today!!

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 3/9/2018

    Lots to share today on the Blog!!  I'm super excited to post all of these amazing examples of technology integration and digital learning happening all around CCUSD!  

    Katherine Herr, 4th Grade Teacher at LMES, uses Quizlet Live with her students while reviewing vocabulary for AIMS Science!

    Kids using Quizlet Live

    Geoff Johnson, History Teacher at CSHS, took the PL Plunge last week, and he is trying station rotation for his content delivery!!  Go Geoff!!!

    Three Pictures of Station Rotation

    Kelsey Garner, English Teacher at CSHS, uses technology to review!  Kelsey says, "Here are my kids reviewing mythology and The Odyssey using Kahoot!"

    Garner's Class Plays Kahoot

    Lauren Scherling, 4th Grade Teacher at BMES, uses Hyperdocs to support students' reflection!  Lauren says: "Kids worked thorough a hyperdoc on goal-setting--reflecting on their year, where they succeeded, what felt unfinished, etc.  They then chose one word to be their focus for the new year.  They explained why they chose it, how they would know if they were successful in achieving their goal, and added a visual. 

    Images of student work

    More Coding Olympics at HTES Coding Club! Super Fun! Submitted by Alisa Gould, Title 1 Teacher and one of the Coding Club facilitators! Check it out by clicking the link:

    Here are a couple really neat examples of students using technology for skill-building!  From Tina Steensen-Bech, Special Education Teacher, CSHS.  Here is what she has to say: 

    "Here are two recent examples of students using helpful apps in my high school vocational studies classroom:

    For practice with employment skills, my student who would like to be a restaurant greeter is using the Open Table and No Wait apps to practice setting up sections, assigning servers, selecting tables, and notifying guests when their tables are ready. Once she masters these, she will be ready to apply to restaurants in our community.
    Student using NoWait App

    In Voc Lab class, we are using the Recap App. Recap is a question-driven discussion tool, using video, that makes it easier for students to start conversations and respond to questions. In this video, my student is reviewing his video answering the question: Why is it so important to listen well and follow directions on the job?"


    Finally, Rachel Brashears, 5th Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher from HTES, used Google VR Goggles!   She writes:  "Students were able to connect abstract concepts and ideas of space and our universe to an immersive virtual, visual, connection. With our Google VR Goggles we took a trip to see accurate artist rendered images of our solar system so that students could get a true idea of the massive size of our sun compared to Earth, Jupiter, and the other planets. Students were able to see the Oort cloud and Kuiper belt. We also traveled along with NASA's Juno spacecraft to explore Jupiter through actual photos. With more help from NASA and their Mar's rover, Curiosity, we got to experience what it is like on Mars, fully immersed with true panoramas from Curiosity. 

    We then headed back to Earth to see the route that Paul Revere took on his famous midnight ride with Mr. Dawes and Dr. Prescott. Students could see the trail as it stands today, explore the monument, see where Revere was captured, and where Dawes and Prescott rode away. We were also able to explore some of the American Revolution battlefields, complete with dressed re-enactors to play the parts of our Minutemen and the lobsterbacks. 

    Pictures of Google VR in a classroom

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  • More Digital Learning in CCUSD!

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 3/7/2018

    Howdy, Everyone!

    Check out some cool fun around town with educational technology on the blog today!

    FYI, I just have 3 submissions so far this week for the Friday prize drawing, so hurry up and send some neat examples of educational technology integration my way!  

    Sneeches in DWES Lab


    In honor of Dr. Suess's Birthday, we actually
    have a real live SNEETCH in our district!  In the DWES computer lab, there were SNEETCHES and other Dr. Suess characters on Friday!  Super fun!!  Thanks, Deb Nosan, Computer teacher at DWES, for sending this to us! 


    More from around CCUSD---

    Fun from Leah Moran (Baker), Gifted Teacher.....Take a look:

    These students are using the app “Stop Motion” to create an engaging animation. Stop Motion animation is a perfect way to incorporate technology into artistic designs. These students had to write a script, design theStudents Creating Stop Motion  set and characters, and lastly record the script with a series of pictures. The final product will be informative, entertaining, and a truly original creation!  

    This link will take you to a finished stop motion animation created by two 4th grade students!


    One more example of student use of technology from Jen Colman, 3rd Grade Teacher from DWES. Her school experienced the Google Expedition Kit that was on loan from Best Buy this week. FUN!!! 

    Google Expedition

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  • Friday Fun on the Blog!

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 3/2/2018

    Hi everyone! Today on the Blog we have a few more awesome examples of technology integration!  Keep your ideas coming, so we can continue to highlight these incredible examples of day to day life in our classrooms!!

    Here's what we have for today:

    Johna Jacobson, Spanish teacher at CSHS has her students using FlipGrid to record a conversation between a Subway employee and a customer, ordering food and drink in Espanol! 

     Click This Link to see the Flip Grid -

    Kids practicing Spanish Planning their Conversations More practice in Spanish

    Susi Webb, 3rd Grade Teacher, at DSA encourages student-to-student mentoring!  Susi says: "Here are a few pictures from yesterday showing 3 of my students mentoring others in Google Slides. Check out my sign-up sheet!  Jacob is always trying to make a buck!"

    Mentoring Sign Up Sheet More mentoring Mentoring


     Leah Moran, District Gifted teacher, shares another cool example:

    "Technology in the classroom can present itself in many different forms. This student needed to use the sewing machine to help him with designing a unique product. Students in this class understand that not only can they use tech as a learning resource, but also as a tool for creating products."

    Sewing in Class  

    Kristine Paul, Kinder teacher at DSA, shares two awesome examples of students using tech for learning.  She says: 

    Reading at the SmartBoard "After my students create their books on SmartyAnts, we print them out and they love to use the hovercam&SmartBoard to read their book to the class. The students also enjoy discussing  story elements with this personalized practice!"



    Practicing Math Facts Also, from Kristine, (two entries into the drawing!):

    "My students love Imagine Math Facts!  They have a task to teach and quiz a partner on one of their problems after their rotation time has ended!"










    Irene Camarasa, 6th Grade Spanish Immersion teacher from DWES, sent up an example of Google Classroom!  They are working on Ancient Civilizations.

    Example of a Google Classroom Feed


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  • Check out your Colleagues' Innovative Strategies

    Posted by Nancy Pratt on 3/1/2018

    Today on the Blog, there are several really cool examples of teachers at the higher level of the Technology Integration Matrix, as they innovate their lessons with students!  Take a look at what some of the students are doing to learn:  

    Students scanning QR Codes Jana Groh, 1st Grade teacher, invites students to use iPads to enhance engagement and learning.  She says: "First graders us QR Codes to check their synonym and antonym work."


    Michelle Adair, Title 1 Teacher at BMES, also uses iPads with students.  Michelle says: "Students read stories about Winter Olympic events. They then Students show their work with the app called TellAStory created a Telestory News report that included facts about their favorite event."








    Gifted Teacher, Leah Moran (Baker) shares a project that her students worked on using design methods and the 3D Printer!  Take a look: 

    Leah says: 

    I have a lot of examples of students using technology but this one is one of my favorites. He decided to study the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci and re-create them using the 3-D printer. He used a website called "tinkercad" and tried, to the best of his abilities, to make a model of “The Glider” and “The Bicycle”.

    I like this project because this student was determined to use only original parts in his design. He did not copy anything from other accounts or websites. All the shapes used were formed by him. If you have ever tried to 3-D print, then you know what a challenge that is. I like that he also had to use his creativity and designing skills to match Da Vinci’s original design. 

    Like I said, I have lots of other examples but this one is on a higher level.

    Examples of Di Vinci's inventions using 3D Printer

    And last on the Blog today:  Christine Marsh, an English teacher at CSHS, has students peer editing~Take a look:

    Christine says; "The students are working on Chrome-books in peer-editing groups to revise their essays for an essay contest titled, "The 14th Amendment: What Does Equal Protection Mean to Students?"

    Peer Editing

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