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    FBLA is the high school division of Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. FBLA helps high school students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions (FBLA Competitive Events), leadership development, and educational programs.

    Want to ensure your students have the skills they need to succeed in college and in a career? Start an FBLA chapter and help your students develop the leadership skills and business knowledge they need to excel in any career.

    Your students will prepare for college and careers through a variety of leadership, community service, and academic activities.

    FBLA Membership Benefits

    High school students that join FBLA receive benefits that include:

    FBLA members also demonstrate their leadership skills through community service projects, fundraising activities, and chapter officer positions.


  • Leadership Team

    Well-qualified and dependable officers are crucial to the growth of any FBLA-PBL chapter. Effective leaders will:

    • Provide an environment where all members will grow professionally.
    • Include all members in a dynamic program of work.
    • Conduct the business of the chapter in proper parliamentary procedure.
    • Maintain complete current records and minutes.
    • Encourage individual and chapter participation in conferences.
    • Develop and implement a strong publicity program.


    • preside over all meetings according to accepted parliamentary law and prepare an agenda for each meeting
    • keep members and discussion on track during meetings
    • outside of official meetings, keep in close touch with other officers, members, and adviser
    • call special meetings as necessary
    • represent the chapter at special functions
    • show the qualities of a leader
    • plan and prepare documents for all activities

    Vice President

    • preside over meetings in the absence of the president
    • oversee all committees or teams and management of assignments
    • assist the president
    • take charge of preparing the Local Chapter Annual Business Report [FBLA | PBL]


    • provide the President with an agenda for each meeting
    • prepare the local chapter Program of Work (with collaboration from all of the officers)
    • prepare and read all minutes of meetings (preparing minutes means to take accurate notes of motions and type them according to the state guidelines; such minutes will be kept in a permanent book and should be readily available at all meetings)
    • read communications at meetings
    • handle general correspondence of the chapter
    • keep an accurate membership and attendance roll
    • count and record votes when taken


    • receive and act as custodian of chapter funds
    • keep accurate, up-to-date financial records
    • assist in the collection of money for dues and money-making projects, such as fundraising activities
    • prepare treasurer’s report for each meeting
    • take charge of preparing one of the reports submitted at the State Leadership Conference


    • prepare news release or articles for the local chapter of all FBLA activities within one week of the activity
    • submit articles to the national publications, such as Tomorrow’s Business Leader and PBL Business Leader
    • maintain history of the chapter, including an annual scrapbook and other reports


    • see that chapter meetings are conducted in an orderly manner according to the rules of parliamentary procedure
    • assist chapter members in understanding the basic purpose of parliamentary procedure
    • advise the presiding officer and other chapter members on parliamentary procedure


    Advisor: Dr. Bezard, Business and Finance Instructor  Staff Page

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