• Grand Canyon in the winter

    Welcome to
    Mr. Linfor's Classroom
    for the 2018-2019 school year.
    I am looking forward
    to a fun and productive year.

This Week in Class:

  • 1. English:
    Daily writing prompt. Students write one or more paragraphs on the topic. Writing is edited and then rewritten with corrections and more details. Students learn the basic rules of a complete sentence related to using a capital letter and punctuation, using a period,
    question mark, or exclamation point as punctuation.
    2. Math:
    Students work to solve word problems involving money. First students decide if there is addition, subtraction, multiplication and or division involved in solving the problem. Students solve the problem using the money, manipulatives, or a calculator.
    3. Social Studies:
    The goal of this unit is to master identification and discrimination of common locations within the community. The community vocabulary includes a restaurant, school, park, bridge, pool, post office, hospital, traffic light, gas station, fire station, zoo, and police station. Vocabulary is taught through multiple exemplars and focuses on identification of the images of these words as well as works on the written name of these items.
    5. Science:
    The goal of this unit is to master the concepts and vocabulary related to the animal food chain.

    6. Life Skills:
    Functional vocabulary/grocery and survival vocabulary. Class and school jobs ie. laundry.



Class Schedule

  • Period 1:     Basic English
    Period 2:     Basic Math
    Period 3:     Social Studies
    Period 4:     PREP
    Period 5:     Science
    Period 6:     Life Skills