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Weekly Homework

  • Students will have homework each week.  Homework will go home on Monday with the newsletter and is due the following Friday.

    1. Picture Homework – Your child should bring in one picture that begins with each sound of the week. Your child can draw them, cut them from magazines or print them from clip art on the computer. This assignment is due on Wednesday but can be sent in early. Wednesday is the day we complete the letter page in our Alphabet Book and Poetry Journal.

    2. Writing Sheet – Your child should complete the handwriting sheet each week. A sheet will be sent home each week that explains how to form the letter and the terminology used.   Please supervise your child’s writing to make sure he/she starts their letters at the top. This must be done in pencil so your child can make corrections if needed. If done incorrectly, it is harder to break the habit and he/she will not pass the test on Friday (Letter Checkup).  the letter checkup is a four-square assessment that asks them to write the letters from the week and tell a word that begins with that sound.

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Scholastic Books

  • Scholastic 

    Scholastic book orders will come home each month.  This is a great opportunity to foster a love of reading early with your child.  You can order online with my teacher code listed below. 

    My teacher code is KMT73


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