• The Desert Sun Academy Dress Code for 2018-19

    Desert Sun Academy has a mandatory dress code for all elementary students.   Dress code information is highlighted below:

    Tops: Red, white or navy blue school golf shirts
    • Short or long sleeves with official Desert Sun Academy  crest/logo (www.frenchtoast.com)
    • No other tops are acceptable.
    Bottoms: Khaki/Tan or Navy blue—solid color
    • BOYS - Neat chinos, neat cotton fitted shorts, walking shorts or cargo shorts
    • GIRLS – skirts, pants, capris, jumpers, skorts or shorts
    • No stripes, embroidery, sweat pants, color trimmed or athletic bottoms
    • Bottoms may be purchased from French Toast Uniforms or any other store that carries uniform-type children’s clothing.
    Other dress code rules:
    • Shorts/skirts must be below mid-thigh.
    • Shoes / sneakers must be neat, safe and appropriate.  Laces must be tied.
    • No flip-flops are permitted.
    • Sandals with a strap should be worn for safety.
    • No athletic / gym type shorts are permitted.
    • The principal or teachers will determine whether clothing complies with the Desert Sun Academy Dress Code.  If students are out of uniform, they will need to “borrow” a uniform from the health office and return it the next day ironed and folded, OR call home and have a parent bring a uniform to school.

    Winter/Cold Weather:

    On very cold days, students may need to wear hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts or sweaters over their school uniform. Please consider purchasing warm outer clothing that has our DSA crest.

    • Outer garments must be solid in color. 
    • Teachers may ask students to remove outerwear in the classroom.
    • A red, white or blue long sleeve shirt may be worn under the uniform short sleeve shirt on chilly days.
    • Leggings may be worn under uniform skirts and shorts on chilly days and must be a solid color (black, red, white or blue).