• Students, 
    Please go to our Google Classroom for announcements, attendance, lessons, checks for understanding/assignments. 
    All information will come through the Google Classroom so please check it everyday. 
    We wil have video chats through Google Meets so you can directly ask questions and concerns.
    It is important that we keep in contact with each other.
    Please email me if you have ANY questions.  

Weekly Calendar

  • April 2-3

    Attendance will be taken and assignments will be placed in Google Classroom

Class Schedule

  • Period 3 A Language

    Period 4: Honors English 10

    Period 5: Honors English 10

    Period 6: IB English Year 1

    TOK:       Mondays at 2:15 pm to 5:15 pm

    Office Hours

    After School Tuesdays-Fridays 2:15-3:00 or by Appointment