Department Overview

  • Leadership Mission Statement: Preparing today's children to be globally-engaged leaders of tomorrow.

    As the Director for CCUSD's World Language & Immersion Programs I would like to say WELCOME, BIENVENIDOS, 欢迎 HUANYIN, and BONJOUR!

    Providing opportunities for all CCUSD students to have a well-articulated sequence of world language and/or immersion classes is one of the three strategic focus areas in the district. CCUSD offers several different models for its world language and immersion programs along with different entry points. How does this work?

    CCUSD PK-12th Grade Pathways for Language Learning

    Three elementary schools have immersion programs (DWES: Spanish, DSA: French, HTES: Chinese) which allows students to spend half of their instructional time immersed in a target language and the other half in English. This program results in high levels of proficiency in two languages and cultures. These have a lottery-based enrollment that begins in kindergarten (DWES is the only school with a Spanish immersion preschool as well).

    The other elementary model for learning languages is a World Language class that students attend 2-3 times a week for 20-40 minutes. This class lays the foundatoin for students to love learning another language, helps them acquire a native-like accent while their brains are still open to new sounds and is focused on real world communication. DWES, DSA and BMES offer this program in Spanish while HTES and LMES offer this in Chinese.

    CCUSD students that move from the elementary schools to Sonoran Trails Middle School automatically continue with the same world language they had in their K-6 experience. This allows students to start studying a high school (1st semester) language class during 7th grade and a high school (2nd semester) language class during 8th grade. Upon arriving to Cactus Shadows High School, these students enroll in the 2nd year course (called 3/4) for their world language or they can opt to start studying a new world language.

    This articulation helps CCUSD students successfully reach Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) university level courses by high school graduation and many go onto college with 1-2 years of credit in a world language. This in turn, allows students to easily major or minor in a world language while also focusing on their main major. It's a long, but worthwhile journey that will allow your student to reap the benefits for the rest of their lives!


  • Cristina Ladas

    Cristina Ladas
    Director of World Language & Immersion Programs

    Mrs. Tina Hasher
    Teaching & Learning Admin Assistant

Personalized Learning in World Language Classrooms

  • Personalized Learning represents the belief that every child is unique and deserves the power to shape a personal path towards sucess. Applying this to the world language and language immersion classes has led us to add a language lens over the PL framework that is in existence. The following classroom planning guide can help teachers maintain integrity to world language/immersion models while implementing a personalized learning approach.

    A classroom guide for world language teachers that want to implement personalized learning

The CCUSD Language Immersion Story

  • Fifteen years ago, the idea of a one-way, partial Spanish immersion was born at Desert Willow Elementary School. A two-teacher model with 50% of the instruction being delivered in each language (Spanish/English) began in 1st grade and has rolled up one year at a time. As the economy became more global and the cognitive/sociocultural benefits of becoming bilingual became more widely known, CCUSD decided to expand its language immersion offerings to Chinese and French at two other elementary schools.