Instruction and Innovation in CCUSD

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    Educators in CCUSD create innovative and engaging learning environments through the purposeful use of technology and innovative strategies.  Project-based learning, student-centered learning through personalized learning methods, inquiry-based learning, all engage students in higher-level thinking and workplace skills needed when they exit our system.  Our job is to support teachers as they support students in the classroom.

CCUSD Twitter Feed From Instructional Technology and National Board

  •  Nancy Pratt

    Nancy Pratt, M.Ed., NBCT
    Director of Instruction and Innovation

    Google Level 1 Certification Badge Level 2 Badge

    Mrs. Tina Hasher
    Teaching & Learning Admin Assistant

Get Google Certified!

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    Again this year we offer compensation for achieving Level 1, Level 2 and Google Trainer Certification.  

    When you complete Level 1 or Level 2 certification,
    please click here to submit your results.
    On the form, you choose to be paid $50 (for level 1) or $100 (for level 2) OR choose to receive 15 hours of PD for movement on the pay scale.