• Dear Parents and Students,

    Even though CCUSD schools remain closed for the year, learning still continues for all students. Visit Sonoran Trail’s virtual school to access your lessons for this week. 

    Link to STMS Virtual School

    Welcome to Ms. Cunningham's 8th Grade ELA!

    Room 410

    Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:40-3:15 or by appointment - no office hours on the following days (appointments can be scheduled for another day if needed):

    8/28 - Early Release

    10/9 - Early Release

    11/6 - Early Release

    11/27 - Thanksgiving Break

    12/18 - Early Release for Semester 1 Finals

    1/29 - Early Release

    4/1 - Early Release

    5/6 - Early Release

    Another date in April may occur due to testing - as those dates are finalized and office hours are confirmed as occurring/not occuring as scheduled I'll post in Google Classroom for students

    If other conflicts arise, dates will be communicated to students through our Google Classroom portal as soon as possible. If my hours conflict with another teacher's, I can often arrange another time to meet with students as long as the student lets me know ahead of time (24 hours at least, 48 hours is preferred).

Class Schedule

  • Sonoran Trails 8th Grade Schedule
    Block 1→ 7:40-8:40
    Block 2→ 8:44-9:37*
    Block 3→ 9:41-10:34

    Stinger Success 10:38-11:08
    Block 4→ 11:12-12:05
    Lunch→ 12:05-12:35
    Block 5→ 12:39-1:32
    Block 6→ 1:36-2:30


    Sonoran Trails 8th Grade Early Release Schedule
    Block 1→ 7:40-8:10
    Block 2→ 8:15-8:41*
    Block 3→ 8:46-9:12
    Block 4→ 9:17-9:43
    Block 5→ 9:48-10:14
    Block 6→ 10:19-10:45

    *My prep block


  • As we are a GAFE (Google Apps For Education) school, I have made the transition to using Google Classroom with my students for 99% of the things they will turn in to me. All assignments will be posted in some way in Google Classroom. As a member of Team Epsilon (and a personal belief as well) I am working to help students learn time management and self-advocacy. To that end, I provide due dates for assignments directly to students both in class on one of my white boards as well as in Google Classroom. Students should be writing assignments down in their agendas, and they can always log in to Google Classroom and show parents/guardians what they're working on and when things are due. Google Classroom automatically puts due dates on students' individual Google Calendars for each class, so that's one more place a student can check for due dates.

    As the year gets started, I will be working on a Google Site for my classroom that will house similar information and will be linked here when it's up and running.