Welcome to 5th Grade - Math

  • Fifth Grade Math 2019-2020

    I am looking forward to a terrific year with a great group of students! 

    Throughout the year, we will add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. We will and interpret graphs and solve the volume of geometric shapes.....and much more!

     My Why Statement

    Selfishly, I teach because it is the most rewarding job in the world!  I offer my compassion and dedication to helping children become independent thinkers and to foster a lifetime of learning.

      I encourage the students to persevere through challenges. Mistakes will happen and are welcome.  I feel passionate to provide a safe and consistent environment where risks are taken without fear. 



Class Schedule

  • Class Schedule

    Block 1 - 8:55-10:10

    Block 2 - 10:15 -11:30

    Encore, lunch, recess - 11:35-12:50

    Block 3 -  12:55-2:05

    Recess -  2:05-2:20

    Block 4 -  2:20-3:30

Learning Platforms

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