Welcome to Kindergarten Chinese Immersion

  • In our class we will be working on reading, writing and social studies.  We will begin the year working on the alphabet with our Fundations program and slide into blending and segmenting words.  We will practice reading decodable and sight word readers.  We will learn writing using quick writes, labeling, making lists, and forming complete sentences.  We will read and dive deep into Literature from our Into Reading Curriculum as we work on vocabulary, comprehension and character, setting and plot.

    Our math and science instruction is in Mandarin Chinese.  The children spend 3 hours a day with Yan Laoshi. She is instructing the children in how to greet one another, basic vocabulary and the the Common Core Math Standards for Kindergarten as well as the Arizona State Science Standards.  (5 senses, animals, plants, life cycle, insects, desert habitat and Planets)

    In Social Studies we will learn how to be a community in our classroom, talk with community helpers, and learn about holidays.

    We will have an exciting school year, I can't wait to meet you!

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  • Phonics "Let's Read" books were sent home in late August.  The first poem is included in the folder.  Every Monday, students will receive a new poem to be placed in the folder.  Folders will be checked once a quarter. Please start this the week of September 8.

    Handwriting Homework will start mid September.  

    Math Enrichment pages will be sent home in the beginning of the month.  You have until the end of the month to complete the activities.  Your child only needs to hand in the colored page, not the individual activities.



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