Welcome to 1st Grade

  • 1st grade is a year of many important transitions. Children leave behind an environment that includes time for play and discovery, and dive into developing deeper academic skills. 

    1st grade is a crucial year for building reading skills.  This year we will be using a literature based series published by HMH and a phonics based program by Wilson Language Training Corp.  Literacy instruction includes a balance between phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, comprehension strategies, and vocabulary.  Daily reading practice is an essential part to making students strong readers. 

    We use the scope and sequence Beyond Textbooks to provide an engaging and interactive approach to covering all of our state standards in mathematics.  In first grade, students are introduced to a variety of new math concepts:   addition and subtraction strategies, number relationships, word problems, time, graphing, geometry, and measurement.

    Your child will also attend an encore class each day (Art, Music, P.E. or STEM).   Lastly, they will go to the computer lab once a week to learn how to navigate many educational web sites, learn basic keyboarding skills, and integrate classroom learning with technology.  

    My "WHY" Statement:
    To inspire children so they may grow academically and socially to become the best "SELF" they can be.  

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  • Ms. Groh