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Prevention & Wellness

Prevention and Wellness Services

Healthy School Environment:  A safe physical and psychological environment that is supportive of learning.

Family and Community Involvement:  Partnerships among schools, families, community groups and individuals.  Designed to share and maximize resources and expertise in addressing the healthy development of children and families. 

School Health Services:  Preventive services, education, emergency care, referral and management of acute and chronic health conditions.  Designed to prevent health problems, promote health, assess health status, provide emergency care, ensure access to health care and identify and manage barriers to students' learning.

Health Education: To view Arizona Academic Standards for student wellness, click here.  Designed to motivate students to maintain and/or improve their health status, prevent disease and reduce at-risk behaviors.  To view the Human Growth & Development Curriculum, please request an appointment with the site principal or site nurse.

Health Promotion Programs for Faculty and Staff:  Planned health promotion and disease prevention programs and oppotrunities for school staff.  Designed to maintain and improve health status, strengthen morale and enhance their effectiveness in working with students.

Counseling Services:  Services that focus on cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social needs of individuals and families.  Designed to prevent and address problems, to enhance learning and healthy behavior and to promote a positive school climate. To learn more about CCUSD's Counseling Program and find links to the counseling program at your school, click here.