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Vehicle Auction

CCUSD is auctioning two vans, two trucks, and a school bus. To bid visit:

The auction is being held from 6 am June 11th 2024 until 11 pm June 18th, 2024 (MST)

For additional information, including terms & conditions and photos of each vehicle, see below.

Questions about the vehicles can be directed to Ken Doss: 480-575-2084


Terms & Conditions for ALL VEHICLES


*Please don't bid if you cannot meet the auction terms*
***Bidders please read the terms and conditions***

Condition of Vehicles/No Warranty: Cave Creek Unified School District (CCUSD) may remove any interior/exterior graphics on the vehicles prior to release. As further consideration for the purchase of the vehicles, buyer covenants to hold harmless or indemnify seller for any and all claims or injuries, which may arise out of any sale or usage of the vehicles.

Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with title transfer, registration and plates.

Winning bidder must pay Cave Creek Unified School District within 5 Business Days of Auction Closing. Items must be picked up within 10 days of award. Buyer is responsible for removing the item from CCUSD property.

KEN DOSS 480-575-2084 TO SCHEDULE.

Assistance for towing, starting, tire inflation, etc., will not be available from CCUSD. Each purchaser shall make arrangements as may be necessary with private contractors for these services if needed. CCUSD will not allow purchasers to make any repairs to vehicles on School System property; vehicles may not be stripped, disassembled, or repaired without express written consent from the CCUSD Transportation Director. No exceptions will be allowed.

Five (5) days are allowed for the buyer to make payment and ten (10) days are allowed for the buyer to transfer title and remove the vehicle from CCUSD property. If payment and removal are not performed within 10 days of notice of award, the vehicle may be offered to another bidder unless CCUSD has agreed upon alternative arrangements in writing.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: All property is offered for sale "AS IS, WHERE-IS". The description of surplus property offered for sale has been compiled from available data, but there is no guaranty or warranty on the part of Cave Creek Unified School District as to condition or quality. The District reserves the right to withdraw any item(s) being offered. The District will furnish no services of any kind to the bidder for any and all costs associated with shipping including, but not limited to packaging, crating, loading,or freight unless otherwise indicated. No refunds or adjustments will be made on any award(s).

Inspection. Items offered for sale are used and may contain defects not immediately detectable. Consideration of Bid. Cave Creek Unified School District reserves the right to award by item, groups of items, or total bid; to reject any and all bids or portions thereof and to make awards if in its judgment the best interests of the District will be served.

Award will be made to the highest responsive, responsible bidder. Notification will be provided via e-mail to the selected bidder.

Payment. Payment must be made payable to Cave Creek Unified School District in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order. Payment for an awarded item must be received within five (5) business days after the Notice of Award of the successful bid.