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Facility Rentals

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Community Use of School Facilities

The Governing Board may grant the use of school facilities to any person, group, or organization for any recreational, educational, political, economic, artistic, moral, social, or other civic purposes in the interest of the community, including extended day resource programs. Such use should not interfere with any school activity.


A reasonable use fee shall be charged for the lease of school facilities and property. "Reasonable use fee" means an amount that is at least equal to the cost for utilities, services, supplies or personnel provided to the lessee pursuant to the terms of the lease.


Renter, agrees to procure, at its expense, and maintain during the term hereof, a policy of general liability insurance, against claims for bodily injury, death and property damage occurring in connection with Renter’s use of any portion of the facility.  Insurance shall retain the minimum limit of $1,000,000 and include the District as an additional insured, certificate holder and be primary and non-contributing to any coverage maintained by the District.


All facilities used, outside of regular business hours, require open/close custodial services.  Minimum of 2 hours, minimum fee of $50.
See the manual and fee schedule for other requirements.
Requesters are encouraged to verify with Facilities prior to generating any handouts / flyers to confirm their request(s) has gone through the approval process.

For gym and field rentals, please contact Laurie MacDonald at 480-575-2051 or


Fine Arts Center Rental

If you are looking to rent the Fine Arts Center, please use this link for more information-/page/10413 

Please contact Andrew Cupo for all the information and questions regarding renting the Fine Arts Center. Please use the following email to contact Andrew-